Conference talk and paper proceeding in the 4th Olympus International Conference on Supply Chains (14-15 September 2018, Katerini), on the topic “Traceability Decentralization in Supply Chain Management Using Blockchain Technologies”. Co-author Christos Sermpinis.


With the increase of web users and applications with real time requests, the ability to identify, track and trace elements of a product as it moves in the supply chain is deemed necessary, and for many industries is even mandated by national or international regulations. Traceability presupposes the integrity and transparency of data that is saved and shared. This is a problem for current technologies, as there are many examples with tampered data and database vulnerabilities that resulted in serious implications and data loss. A solution to this problem can be the decentralization of the system, which will remove the central point of failure. To that effect, blockchain or DLT technologies, an emergent technology that enables the decentralization of a network can be used, by implementing a trustless model to achieve it. Blockchains are tamperproof and transparent, which means that by exploiting blockchain characteristics, traceability can be improved. A model that describes the decentralization process of the supply chain traceability part has been developed for this paper and is later evaluated and compared with the traditional system.

Co-author: Christos Sermpinis

Research Paper

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